Power Shot

Mini Golf

Some people say mini-golf is an awesome activity for improving math skills and developing other important skills like problem solving, decision making, hand-eye coordination, and focus.

We say it’s shockingly fun and a great way to connect!

Zap Away Boredom

Laser Tag

You can get a full body workout in less than 30 minutes playing laser tag!

You can also laugh a lot, make great memories, and burn off stress. If you want to get your family away from their screens in a way that will bring more joy than misery, book our laser tag arena and shoot it out in the best possible way.


Escape Room

Successful escape room navigation requires team work and good communication. It’s a thrilling way to help your family and friends learn to work together without dragging them through the same old boring team-building and trust exercises.

Escape rooms are also good for recharging depleted relationships and renewing personal energy.

High Voltage Games

Game Center

Amp up your family game time with our yard-sized games!

Playing together is essential if you want to strengthen the bonds between family members and friends. It’s also a great way to learn the importance of following rules and good sportsmanship. All of our games, large and small, will supercharge your ability to create lasting memories.


Party Rooms

Parties are good for us! They can add an element of fun to an otherwise ordinary week. They can also help build friendships and improve important social skills. But, the most important benefit of a good party might be the boost in happy hormones and the reduction of stress hormones that can happen for party-goers. The only downside of parties is that they can be expensive and stressful to organize, but we can help turn that downside upside down.

Book a party with us, and get the current of happy endorphins flowing through your system.