About Us

We have a big family, and we love it! But we know firsthand how expensive it can be to host a great party or take the whole crew out for fun. We also know that escape is a human coping skill, and if you don’t plan something positive, you and your family and friends are vulnerable to the draw of negative escapes like drugs, alcohol, or dangerous virtual escapes.

We’ve created a place where you can gather for a party without breaking your budget. It’s a place filled with exciting and enriching activities that can provide the positive escapes you need. Why? Because we want to strengthen family and community relationships by serving our friends and neighbors and offering affordable, fun, and safe family-friendly activities.

Our Story

The Way We Conduct Our Business

There are great reasons behind every day-to-day activity we choose.

We keep our facility tidy becaue we want everyone who visits to feel comfortable. We keep the atmosphere clean because we want everyone to have a safe place to escape the negative influences all around us.

We keep our prices affordable because we want families to laugh and play games. We know that strong family relationships build both happy memories and strong communities.

We offer the best customer service possible because we believe in treating others the way we would like to be treated, and, we know that happy customers are repeat customers.

We’re on a mission–we’re diligently working to become THE BEST entertainment in the Uintah Basin with the best customer service. We want to see you again, and again, and again.