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We know that money is tight. Prices are going up everywhere, and it’s hard to create a budget that covers all of the basics. It’s very important to know that what you’re buying is worth the price you’ll need to pay.

That’s why we offer free tours of our property. Come check it out! Feel the energy here. Try some of our games. See for yourself that we offer a fantastic value at a price you can afford.

And then, the next time your family needs to plan a party or enjoy a healthy, affordable escape, you can feel comfortable choosing us, because you’ll know that we’re the best option in the area.

The Grid

Supercharge Your Family


Laser Tag

Move quick and shoot quicker! Our laser tag arena is a great place to get in a workout while you blast away stress.


Game Center

Choose from a variety of games that include the giant yard-sized variety. Play without worrying about the weather.


Mini Golf

The ultimate date night or family night activity. You can build relationships while you walk, talk, laugh and play.


Escape Room

Enjoy an unplugged hour and build face to face communication skills. It’s a great time even if you don’t beat the clock.


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